<%@ Language=VBScript %> <%option explicit%> <% dim displayWin, displayText displayText=request("serial_num") & "

" if (signedIn(request("serial_num"),ID)) then if (alreadyProcessed(request("serial_num"),ID)) then displayText = displayText & "Your number has already been processed. This means that you already entered the event, or tried to claim a prize." else if (getWinner(request("serial_num"),ID)) then displayText = displayText & "Congratulations! You have been granted admission or are a grand prize winner!!!! This is used to specify the winning or valid tag numbers you select" else displayText = displayText & "Try again next time! You are now eligible for other prizes and events. This is used as a default to make everyone feel special just for entering" end if end if else displayText = displayText & "Sorry, you did not register your Ego Id Ticket and are not eligible to participate. This is used to remind people that participation requires activation of the Ego Id Ticket" end if %> Dog Tag Raffle - Ego Id is a dog tag, military tag, promotional tag and full color dog tag manufacturer specializing in color dog tags, military dog tags, ID tags, promotional tags, tickets and ticket tags, wholesale dog tags, promotional products and personalized Identification tags using stainless steel, authentic military dog tags.
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This is an example of a SCAN PAGE. It is used to verify and track ADMISSIONS, MEMBERSHIPS, RAFFLES and SWEEPSTAKES winners. It is hosted via the internet or locally. We have a variety of cost effective BAR CODE SCANNERS that easily hook up to a laptop or PC which you supply. We can also collect data wirelessly or remotely via a variety of handheld devices.

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